Technical and Application Notes

The Advantages of Thermally-Matched Optics

Ellipsoid reflectorsMany competitors have tried to duplicate OBB's optical design, but none have been successful. The reason is simple, only OBB can guarantee that the reflector retains its shape perfectly at high operating temperatures, at times exceeding 150 degrees Celsius. The thermally-matched reflectors in our lamp housings are proprietary and are only manufactured exclusively by OBB.

While we are happy to share with you the benefits of our reflectors, we are sure you will understand if we keep the proprietary process of manufacturing to ourselves.


An ellipsoid reflector is a fixed-focus system. You are entirely dependent on the shape of the ellipsoid for optimum performance. Should your reflector deform in any way, it may cause the light to totally miss its target - like a monochromator slit or a pinhole.


The reflector is not in a friendly environment. There is heat, there may be ozone – therefore reflectors have a finite life. Unfortunately we cannot claim that our reflectors will live forever, but they do typically survive 18- to 24 months, approximately 3-4 times longer then other reflectors used with arc lamps.

Lower cost

Our reflectors are better and they do cost more. Because of the longer productions runs we can keep the costs competitive. In addition because they last longer the operating cost is actually lower.

More UV

Reflectance in the UV is affected first by poor quality optics. As your reflector ages, UV output of your source will decline. This is basic physics and applies to all reflectors. Proprietary coating and process of our reflectors will enhance UV reflectivity as well as extend the usable life in the ultra-violet (180 to 250 nm).


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