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Phosphorescence Lifetimes from a few microseconds to 300 ms, at a fraction of the cost and size of a bench-top fluorometer

EasyLife L bench top fluorometer

Though it is small and inexpensive the EasyLife™ L out-performs all other pulsed fluorometers

TB + DNA Decay wtih EasyLife L
Terbium luminescence is enhanced upon binding to DNA


An Exceptionally Fast, Sensitive and Accurate Luminescence Spectrometer for LRET Assays and General Luminescence!

The EasyLife™ L is a unique, affordable phosphorimeter. Using our proprietary 'single-shot' detection technique, the EasyLife™ L is lightening fast and ultra sensitive. For each pulse of the Xenon lamp, the system collects an entire decay curve. Since it can be run at up to 500 HZ, the EasyLife™ L can collect, sum and average up to 500 complete decays in a single second. Not only does this provide instantaneous results, but it also significantly enhances the signal to noise of your luminescence research.

Able to accurately measure lifetimes from a few microseconds to 300 ms, the OBB EasyLife™ L is the ideal system for Lanthanide Resonance Energy Transfer (LRET) based kinase activity assays. And it is so easy to use that literally anyone in your lab can operate the system.

Unique Lifetime Kinetics Acquisition Protocol

The EasyLife™ L is the only commercial system available that measures Lifetime Kinetics. If you are familiar with using a fluorometer for time-based kinetics you are familiar with collecting the steady state intensity as a function of time to monitor kinetics and reactions. The EasyLife™ L can acquire data in a similar way except that instead of the intensity changing with time the EasyLife™ L acquires the measured lifetime as a function of time. The time duration of this measurement can be from a few seconds to many hours. Without concern for possible intensity fluctuations in your sample, this acquisition protocol lets you actually see when the lifetime changes. We believe this unique capability, will become an essential tool for LRET and a wide variety of other emerging applications.

TB+DNA Timebased Scan with EasyLife L

The binding kinetics of Tb3+ to DNA can be followed free of intensity artifacts by using the unique Timebased Lifetime Scan. Here the EasyLifeT L performs continuous rapid measurements of the average terbium lifetime in real time.

With The EasyLife™ L's unique Lifetime Kinetics acquisition protocol, the lifetimes are instantly analyzed in real time enabling the user to follow reaction kinetics by plotting the lanthanide lifetime rather than the intensity as a function of time. This is the basis for a new, unique feature that only EasyLife™ L can offer. This makes the experiment immune to artifacts that usually affect intensity, such as light scattering, concentration fluctuations, precipitation etc.

Are you considering a so called "high performance" Varian or a "gold standard" Perkin Elmer benchtop fluorometer for your LRET or other phosphorescence lifetime measurements?

The only thing these other fluorometers can do that the EasyLife™ L cannot is wavelength scanning. But for your time resolved experiments you could be doing so much more and getting much better data, much faster if you had an EasyLife™ L. If you already have one of these other systems, for a fraction of the cost of their fluorometer, you should seriously consider getting an EasyLife™ L just to do your lifetime research.

For time resolved measurements the EasyLife™ L is so much better. In a single second the EasyLife™ can flash its pulsed Xenon lamp 500 times and for each pulse the system has collected and averaged all of those decays. That one second acquisition results in an excellent quality decay curve with phenomenal signal to noise and more than enough data points for even a complex multi-exponential fit. These other systems will require many minutes just to get close to the same signal to noise. Not only that, the EasyLife™ L is inherently sensitive that even a single microsecond pulse of the Xenon lamp can generate a good decay curve. Of course, you could always let the EasyLife™ L also acquire data for the same long amount of time as those other systems require. In doing so you would get an improvement in the quality of the data that is many orders of magnitude better.

By the way, if you need wavelength scanning and still want the benefits of the EasyLife™ L, then we strongly recommend that you take a good look at the selection of modular, time-resolved systems available from our sister company, Photon Technology International.

Are you thinking about adding phosphorescence lifetime components to your existing continuous steady state fluorometer?

Don't waste your money on an expensive addition to your aging fluorometer. The EasyLife™ L offers all of the benefits listed above in a new, stand alone, 1 cubic foot instrument, and it will cost you less money. Plus you will have the benefit of having both your steady state fluorometer and your time resolved EasyLife™ system being used at the same time, dramatically increasing your labs productivity.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call or request a quote to start on your path to an EasyLife™ for LRET and phosphorescence lifetime experiments.

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EasyLife from OBB Corp

Incidentally if you have more demanding fluorescence lifetime requirements and are interested in a research fluorescence lifetime system, then we strongly recommend that you take a good look at the selection of modular, time-resolved systems available from our sister company, Photon Technology International.

For more information on the EasyLife™ L visit the EasyLife™ L Lifetime Technique page.

OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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