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Optical Building Blocks (OBB) Introduces Millisecond Switching Tunable Fluorescence Microscope Illuminator

Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB) announces the introduction of the DeltaRAM-X millisecond wavelength switching fluorescence microscope illuminator.

The DeltaRAM-X is the ideal fluorescence microscope illuminator for quantitative intracellular ion research of Fura-2 [Ca++], BCECF [pH], SBFI [Na++], FRET and much more. Although it is most commonly used for mammalian cellular research in neurology, cardiology, biophysics and electrophysiology, it can also be used for other spectroscopy applications requiring high speed wavelength switching.

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Globally priced at just $12,950, this self contained and self aligned illuminator couples to all fluorescence microscopes via a flexible liquid light guide and microscope specific adapter. Microscope alignment and uniformity of illumination are assured. The DeltaRAM can switch between any wavelengths from 250 to 650 nm in only 2 milliseconds making it ideal for tracking fast intracellular ion changes. It also features a continuously adjustable bandwidth from 0 to 24 nm and a TTL shutter to prevent photobleaching.

Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB) is built on 34 years of pioneering industry experience in electro-optical instrumentation. OBB designs, manufactures and markets proprietary light sources, monochromators, detectors, light based components for microscopes and bench-top fluorescence systems. OBB products can be found at work in medical, healthcare, industrial process, quality control, solar and environmental science laboratories and research facilities around the world. With production facilities in the United States and Canada, sales and service centers in North America and distributors worldwide, OBB is a recognized leader in light based optical components and instruments.

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Cary Davies
Optical Building Blocks Corporation
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