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ScopeLite 200 Light Source for Microscopy

Optical Building Block Corporation is introducing ScopeLite 200, the best value in the field of metal halide lamp-based microscope illuminators.

The ScopeLite 200 delivers exceptionally stable, high intensity illumination in a small footprint package at a very reasonable cost. It optimizes the performance of a pre-aligned, self-focusing 200-watt metal halide lamp, combining the line output of a mercury lamp spectrum with the versatility of a broadband lamp in the 300 – 800 nm wavelength range.
With short-term stability of <0.1% RMS and long-term drift of less than 1%, it is well suited for demanding applications such as intracellular calcium imaging with Fura-2, high content screening (HCS) and multiwavelength fluorescence imaging microscopy. Just a few of the additional applications include photodynamic therapy, machine vision and UV curing.

The ScopeLite 200 is offered at an aggressively competitive price of $3800 and can be coupled to virtually any microscope using a model-specific adapter to provide uniform illumination. It includes a 200W short arc mercury lamp in a ventilated housing, highly stabilized DC power supply and a two-meter liquid light guide with a 3 mm core diameter. 5 position intensity control and TTL-actuated shutter are standard features.

The typical lifetime of the lamp is 2000 hours, after which term it still retains 70% of its original intensity. It is an ideal substitution for the conventional arc lamps that need to be replaced every 2-300 hours and laboriously aligned each time. The ScopeLite 200 displays elapsed hours of operation on the front panel, indicating when the lamp needs replacement. Lamp replacement is quick and easy. The ScopeLite 200 has a side panel that opens and allows easy access to the lamp, which snaps into place in seconds. No realignment is needed. As an additional safety feature, a built-in temperature sensor protects the lamp from overheating in case airflow is restricted.
All in all, the ScopeLite 200 provides exceptional performance at the lowest cost currently available on the market for metal halide light sources.

Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB) is built on 35 years of pioneering industry experience in electro-optical instrumentation.

OBB designs, manufactures and markets proprietary light sources, monochromators, detectors, light based components for microscopes and bench top fluorescence systems. OBB products can be found at work in medical, healthcare, industrial process, quality control and environmental science laboratories and research facilities around the world. With production facilities in the United States and Canada, sales and service centers in North America and distributors worldwide, OBB is a recognized leader in light based components and systems.

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