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InGaAs Detector for the NIR 0.8–2.6 micrometer

InGaAs Detector OBB Corp has developed a line of InGaAs detectors that have outstanding performance and are offered at very reasonable prices. To achieve Ultra Sensitivity, our Detectors use a specially designed super quiet preamplifier and "immersed" light coupling optics. The coupling optics can collect light from a 22 mm spot size and deliver it to a 2 mm sensitive part of the detector. The preamplifier uses advanced proprietary drift and noise suppression circuitry. The preamplifier is decoupled from the AC line, to further reduce noise and a build-in rechargeable battery provides the power. The battery can be charged during the night by a supplied automatic charger.


TE Cooled or Room Temperature

There are two versions: TE cooled and room temperature. While the room temperature version is not as sensitive as the TE cooled, it is substantially less expensive. The TE cooled detector is ready for operation practically in a few minutes after it is turned on; there is almost no “cool–up” time. While virtually all InGaAs detectors use lock-in amplifier and a chopper for noise suppression—due to the fact that the preamplifier has DC coupling and extremely low noise and drift one can make measurements without a lock-in amplifier and a chopper. For data acquisition is the detectors come complete with computer interface and software.



OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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