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Your quote will include an EasyLife™ X integrated lifetime system with a comprehensive easy to use software package, sample compartment with 10 mm thermostatable cuvette holder and 10 mm quartz cuvette, strobe detection (185 nm to 680 nm), electronics and QuickStart video. Please select appropriate nano-LED excitation sources and filters. Workstation required, but not included.


EasyLife™ X

EasyLife X integrated lifetime system including: comprehensive easy to use time resolved software package with unique Lifetime Kinetics acquisition mode, sample compartment with thermostatable cuvette holder (10 mm), patented strobe PMT detection (185 nm to 680 nm), and electronics. One can easily measure lifetimes from 150 ps to 4 μs. Please select appropriate nano-LED excitation sources (not included). Each LED is easily interchanged with a simple snap on/off mechanism. Emission wavelength selection is by means of filters (not included). QuickStart video is included. Workstation required, but not included. Add Nano LED, long pass filters and workstation from list below.

Select LED(s) / Laser Diode(s)

EL 265 EasyLife excitation LED:  266 ±10 nm
EL 278 EasyLife excitation LED:  280 ±10 nm
EL 295 EasyLife excitation LED:  297 ±10 nm 
EL 310 EasyLife excitation LED:  310 ±10 nm 
EL 340 EasyLife excitation LED:  340 ±10 nm
EL 366 EasyLife excitation LED:  368 ±10 nm
EL 375 EasyLife excitation LED:  375 ±10nm
EL 405  EasyLife excitation LED:  403 ±10 nm 
EL 410 EasyLife excitation LED:  407 ±10 nm 
EL 435  EasyLife excitation LED:  432 ±10 nm
EL 445 EasyLife excitation LED:  444 ±10 nm
EL 450  EasyLife excitation LED:  456 ±10nm
EL 490 EasyLife excitation LED:  486 ±10 nm
EL 505 EasyLife excitation LED:  510 ±10 nm
EL 525 EasyLife excitation LED:  518 ±10nm 
EL 570 EasyLife excitation LED:  572 ±10 nm
EL 590 EasyLife excitation LED:  590 ±10 nm
LD 630 EasyLife excitation laser diode:  633 ±10 nm 
LD 650 EasyLife excitation laser diode:  649 ±10nm  
LD 670 EasyLife excitation laser diode:  667 ±10nm

Other LEDs and laser diodes are available on request.

Select Filters

Bandpass FIlters

OB-0519 Bandpass Filter: 280 ±10 nm
OB-0520 Bandpass Filter: 289 ±10 nm
OB-0521 Bandpass Filter: 297 ±10 nm
OB-0522 Bandpass Filter: 308 ±10 nm
OB-0523 Bandpass Filter: 334 ±10 nm
OB-0524 Bandpass Filter: 340 ±10 nm
OB-0525 Bandpass Filter: 350 ±10 nm
OB-0526 Bandpass Filter: 360 ±10 nm
OB-0527 Bandpass Filter: 370 ±10 nm
OB-0528 Bandpass Filter: 380 ±10 nm
OB-0529 Bandpass Filter: 390 ±10 nm
OB-0530 Bandpass Filter: 400 ±10 nm
OB-0531 Bandpass Filter: 410 ±10 nm
OB-0532 Bandpass Filter: 420 ±10 nm
OB-0533 Bandpass Filter: 430 ±10 nm
OB-0534 Bandpass Filter: 440 ±10 nm
OB-0535 Bandpass Filter: 450 ±10 nm
OB-0536 Bandpass Filter: 460 ±10 nm
OB-0537 Bandpass Filter: 470 ±10 nm
OB-0538 Bandpass Filter: 480 ±10 nm
OB-0539 Bandpass Filter: 490 ±10 nm
OB-0540 Bandpass Filter: 500 ±10 nm
OB-0541 Bandpass Filter: 510 ±10 nm
OB-0542 Bandpass Filter: 520 ±10 nm
OB-0543 Bandpass Filter: 530 ±10 nm
OB-0544 Bandpass Filter: 540 ±10 nm
OB-0545 Bandpass Filter: 550 ±10 nm
OB-0546 Bandpass Filter: 560 ±10 nm
OB-0547 Bandpass Filter: 570 ±10 nm
OB-0548 Bandpass Filter: 580 ±10 nm
OB-0549 Bandpass Filter: 590 ±10 nm
OB-0550 Bandpass Filter: 600 ±10 nm
OB-0551 Bandpass Filter: 610 ±10 nm
OB-0552 Bandpass Filter: 620 ±10 nm
OB-0553 Bandpass Filter: 630 ±10 nm
OB-0554 Bandpass Filter: 640 ±10 nm
OB-0555 Bandpass Filter: 650 ±10 nm

Other Filters

OB-0504 UV-VIS Long Pass Filters
UV-Vis Long Pass filter set of (8) 1" round filters with LP wavelengths: 295, 305, 320, 380, 400, 420, 435 and 455 nm.
OB-0505 VIS Long Pass Filters
Vis Long Pass filter set of (8) 1" round filters with LP wavelengths: 475, 495, 515, 530, 550, 570, 590 and 610 nm.
OB-0506 VIS-NIR Long Pass Filters
Vis-NIR Long Pass filter set of (8) 1" round filters with LP wavelengths: 630, 665, 695, 715, 780, 830, 850 and 1000 nm.
OB-0508 Neutral Density Filter
Neutral Density Filter Set for 300-2,000 nm, +/- 5% tolerance nominal. Includes: 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
OB-0507 Filter Holder
Spare filter holders for 1" diameter filters.

Select Options

Options must be ordered at time of original purchase. They cannot be added to the system later.
OB-0560 Peltier Cuvette Holder
Replaces standard cuvette holder with Peltier cuvette holder for software controlled temperature adjustment from -20 to 105 degrees Celsius. Includes micro-stirrer and water bath.
OB-0515 Extended wavelength PMT
A specially selected extended wavelength PMT tube for wavelength range from 185 to 900 nm
OB-0513 Replacement PMT Tube
185 nm to 680 nm
OB-0514 Replacement PMT Tube
185 nm to 900 nm
OB-0511 Stir Provision for Cuvette
OB-0561 Front Face Solid Sample Holder
The front face solid sample holder, capable of 360 degree rotational travel, was designed for the measurement of solid compounds, microscope slides, or films. The solid sample holder head is easily interchangeable for a powder sample holder head.
OB-0503 Solid Sample Holder
Two thermo-coupled fixed holder inserts included (20 & 30 degree angles) that can conduct heat from the cuvette holder to the sample.

Select Accessories

OB-0557 Powder Sample Holder Head
Powder sample holder head with quartz window, for 517 front face solid sample holder. Requires 517 or 561 solid sample holder.
OB-0558 Powdered Sample Holder Windows
Six pack of windows for the powdered sample holder
OB-0500 Sheet Polarizer
One sheet polarizer with mounting hardware. Sheet polarizers have great acceptance angle, good throughput and are usable for wavelengths above 350 nm. Two required.
OB-0501 "Magic Angle" Polarizer
OB-0502 Cold Finger Dewar
Cold Finger Dewar for use with liquid nitrogen coolant (77K). Includes quartz cold finger Dewar that accepts 5 mm tubes, Dewar holder for the cuvette holder, foam lid for the Dewar and extension collar with altered sample chamber lid. Features a Suprasil quartz cold finger that passes light down to about 200 nm.
OB-0600 10 mm Quartz Cuvette
OB-0510 Semi-Micro Cuvette
With insert.
OB-0512 Portable work station with EasyLife software pre-loaded
Portable work station with EasyLife software pre-loaded. Recommended to guarantee software compatibility.
OB-0559 Workstation and 19" monitor with EasyLife software pre-loaded
Recommended for EasyLife TCSPC to guarantee software compatibility

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OBB has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to amend part numbers, descriptions and specifications without prior notice.
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